M. de Vries

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Visiting address:
Gooimeer 5
1411DD Naarden, the Netherlands

Correspondence address:
Postbus 408
1400AK Bussum, the Netherlands

T: (+31) (0)35 695 46 17
F: (+31) (0)35 695 46 11

Maarten de Vries has been an attorney-at-law since 1988 in the corporate law field in a broad sense. His specific areas of concern are restructuring, liability, debt collection and financial security law.

He also has substantial experience as a receiver in insolvencies and is a member of the Dutch Association of Insolvency Practitioners (INSOLAD) and also of the Dutch Association of Debt Collection and Litigation Lawyers (VIA).

Mr De Vries advises companies that wish to acquire an insolvent business, are obliged to liquidate an operating company, or are confronted with insolvent customers. He also advises
holding companies and directors and major shareholders on liability risks in the event of insolvency.

His expertise as receiver and administrator means that Mr De Vries is thoroughly aware of all aspects of insolvency and the position of creditors and directors in insolvency or moratorium.
In the event of a dispute with a receiver, or of impending insolvency, Mr De Vries is able to advise clients on how to avert notice of liability or to assert rights and interests against the receiver.

Besides English and German Mr De Vries also has a command of spoken and written Russian. His approach to issues is proactive and he is able to think ‘out of the box’.

Mr De Vries uses his experience as a receiver – in which a company has to be audited in limited time, possibly in anticipation of a relaunch – in the performance of quick scans (a sort of health check for entrepreneurs) of companies. For a fixed fee the company is audited and you receive advice on the matters that require attention. Mr De Vries frequently brings matters to light that could cause substantial financial and other loss in the event of a contingency. Prevention is better than cure, and the quick scan is therefore definitely worthwhile.

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