mr. P.G. Broekman

Advocaat Peterman Broekman - Vorstman Naarden - arbeidsrecht, ondernemingsrecht, procederen

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Visiting address:
Gooimeer 5
1411DD Naarden

Correspondence address:
Postbus 408
1400AK Bussum

T: (+31) (0)35 695 46 19
F: (+31) (0)35 695 46 11

Mr. Peter Broekman has been an attorney-at-law since 1992. He has substantial experience in advisory and litigation practice, in which he represents Dutch and international enterprises, organizations and individuals. He is concerned with rental law, commercial contract law, debt collection and employment law.

Since 1998 he is specialized in rental law and member of the Association of Rental Law Lawyers.

His clients describe him as accessible, sagacious and committed. His transparent speech and writing makes complex legal matters easily understandable. The interests of his clients are always put first, but without losing eye for reasonable and effective solutions.

Besides fulfilling his work as a lawyer Mr. Broekman regularly fulfils managerial positions in various social organizations. Since 2013 he is chairman of the Laren Lawn Tennis Club.