Debt collection

The debt collection practice

Entrepreneurs are keen to see their invoices paid on time and in full. Nonetheless, we see all too often that many companies view monitoring the payment of invoices as low priority. In many cases this attitude is understandable in that few are aware of the measures that should – and must – be taken. ‘Horses for courses’ is a particularly apt saying in the debt collection practice. In many cases it cannot be taken for granted that debtors will be easily persuaded to meet their obligations. Timely and complete payment often has to be enforced.


The satisfactory collection of one or more accounts receivable not only demands knowledge, but also rapid and effective action. Have all formal requirements been complied with? Has proper notice of default been served? More action is often needed, such as:

»the attachment of assets;
»taking out an injunction; or
»filing for liquidation of the debtor.

Vorstman Advocaten is able to assist you in this field.

Why Vorstman Advocaten?

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