The principle of ‘freedom of contract’ that applies in the Netherlands means that under normal circumstances anyone is at liberty to enter into whatever agreement they see fit. It is not even necessary for a contract to be in writing for it to be valid. However, having a written contract makes sense from an evidential point of view, because differences of opinion about what was and was not agreed can arise easily. Experience shows that proper documentation is paramount.

The difference between profit and loss

Advice from Vorstman Advocaten is particularly beneficial when entering into and drafting contracts. The gains become evident when the tide turns and the contracts are pulled out of the filing cabinet. Bulky contracts will not protect you against disputes, but a sound contract may avoid argument and have a profound impact on the outcome of a dispute.

Support in contract negotiation

Vorstman Advocaten specializes in the precise formulation of contracts and is able to assist you in contract negotiations. We also draft general terms and conditions, which provide a firm foundation for preserving your legal position in times of adversity or dispute. We eliminate anything that is superfluous and formulate the essence with surgical precision.