Corporate law

For entrepreneurs

Vorstman Advocaten assists entrepreneurs and companies. All Vorstman Advocaten’s attorneys-at-law therefore have affinity with corporate law. At the core of corporate law are the rules for legal entities (such as public (N.V.) or private (B.V.) limited companies and their organs (such as the board of management, the supervisory board and the annual general meeting of shareholders), as well as partnerships (such as professional partnerships and commercial partnerships).


In practice a variety of business law issues emerge on a regular basis. When is a director liable? What is the correct way for resolutions of the board or of the annual general meeting of shareholders to be taken? What is the best way to deal with a disagreeable or undesirable director or shareholder? These are just a few examples of the issues in everyday practice for which Vorstman Advocaten’s attorneys-at-law can suggest solutions.


Vorstman Advocaten assists its clients in drafting and assessing shareholders’ agreements, the formation of a legal entity or partnership, and the resolution of disputes. Vorstman Advocaten also has an excellent network of other service providers, such as tax consultants, accountants and civil-law notaries, who are able to assist clients in related areas.