Employment law


Dismissal, reorganization, illness and reintegration, payrolling, noncompetition and nonsolicitation clauses, ‘The New World of Work’: everyone comes into contact with employment law from time to time. Vorstman Advocaten has substantial specialized negotiation and litigation experience in this legal field.


The following is a selection of relevant issues:
individual dismissal proceedings at a subdistrict court or UWV WERKbedrijf (the work placement branch of the Employee Insurance Agency), on the part of employers and employees alike;

»summary dismissal;
»disputes about pay and employee benefits;
»unilateral amendment of employment terms and conditions;
»suspension and leave of absence on full pay;
»equal treatment;
»social security law (including the Unemployment Benefits Act (WW), the Work and Income
(Capacity for Work) Act (WIA), and the Sickness Benefits Act (ZW);
»recovery of back wages;
»employment contracts, staff handbooks and sickness absence protocols;
»contracts for self-employed workers without employees and for professional services;
»directors under articles of association;
»termination with mutual consent and guidance regarding termination arrangements;
»collective dismissal;
»guidance regarding reorganizations and redundancy packages;
»transfer of undertaking;
»issues concerning employee representation and employees’ councils;
»noncompetition and nonsolicitation clauses;
»collective agreement law;
»illness and reintegration;
»working conditions & occupational health and safety legislation;
»public law;