Intellectual Property

What’s that?

Intellectual property law governs the title to and protection of specific ideas, inventions, texts or stories, designs (e.g. for furniture or other implements), computer software, television programmes, musical works, names, logos, trademarks and inventions, not to mention film and audiovisual productions and other works of art. The scope also includes know-how and goodwill.

Intellectual property law is often concerned with:

»trademark rights;
»neighbouring rights;
»trade name law;
»design law;
»domain name law;
»patent law;
»database rights;
»advertising law;
»portrait rights;
»unlawful publication in the press;


It is important to restrict to a minimum unjustified gains from or exploitation of someone else’s work or performance. Intellectual property law has many applications and may protect a substantial proportion of assets and business capital.

Registration or other forms of timely documentation are often essential. Delay must also be avoided in the event of infringement or a claim. Swift and resolute action is then called for. Vorstman Advocaten has substantial relevant litigation and general experience and expertise in house.

For whom

Businesses and cultural and other organizations alike whose work involves the commercial operation or management of creative products, such as manufacturers, producers, publishers, recording companies, distributors and multimedia firms, but also individual developers, musicians, artists, authors (including scriptwriters and journalists), managers, composers and others, stand to benefit from sound legal support for their rights.

All parties in this field have an interest in drafting, assessing, or negotiating contracts, such as for distribution, transfer, publication and licensing. Moreover the role in the proper representation of interests and the related supervision by parties such as the Dutch Performance Rights Organization (Buma/Stemra) and the Foundation for the Exploitation of Neighbouring Rights (SENA) should not be underestimated.

Here too, prevention is better than cure!