Reorganization and restructuring

In legal practice restructuring is defined as the reorganization of companies and their legal structure. Internal developments or trends in the market may necessitate a restructuring operation to allow a company or its organization structure to adjust. The change does not necessarily involve scaling down or reorganization in a negative sense, although debt rescheduling and cutbacks in the workforce are also part of the restructuring field of practice.


Vorstman Advocaten has substantial experience and expertise in the broad and complex field of restructuring. We assist and advise our clients in the implementation of financial and legal reorganizations, where necessary in dialogue with the client’s auditor or tax adviser. Where appropriate, new entities are founded jointly with a civil-law notary.

Insolvency practice

Mr De Vries and Ms Wilderink also operate the insolvency practice, in which they act as district court-appointed administrator or receiver in the administration of moratoriums and liquidations. They are therefore excellently placed to advise on issues in which insolvency or a receiver are involved, because they know how a receiver or administrator is likely to act, and which legal consequences are attached to a moratorium or liquidation.

Reorganization of a workforce

Vorstman Advocaten’s employment law specialists also regularly advise and litigate in workforce reorganizations.